3 Things: Gold

     Currently, I am in love with all things gold..but guess what?..so is the rest of the interior design world. I have always had a true love for gold pieces over bright silver, but right now it is even more appealing to me ...and I want just about everything I own to embody the warm color. Here are a few of my favorite ways I am seeing it used in home decor and diy projects.

     I love pairing gold pieces with something very simplistic and natural. In the picture above, I love the way they have added a faded antique rug and some fresh flowers ..so that the mirror can speak for itself (and really make a statement).

      The headboard above is my secret crush as of yesterday. I love the rich (almost mustard-like) tone it has and the subtle uses of gold above the headboard and in the pillow details. I think gold and pale light blue walls will be a lovely duo that I plan on having in my next home. I always tell myself that finding all of these ideas right now (while I am still in my early 20's) will make life easier when I am ready to buy my first home and make it picture perfect...well in my eyes at least! 


      Lastly, I am dying over these diy gold animal mason jars!! Talk about a really adorable way to spruce up any nursery, playroom, or use as a gift holder for the little ones in your life. You simply can find these mason jars at your local craft store..animal figure toys at a toy store and spray both the toys and jar lids with gold spray paint. The animals are easy to stick on the top with a small amount of hot glue and your done! You really can incorporate other figures or flowers or anything to the lids of the jars for weddings & other events.