Beverage Recipe: Festive Bellini!

    If you know me, you know I am not a big drinker or "party girl." Yes, I do like to go out (from time to time) and have fun dancing and letting loose (don't we all?) but..I would much rather be with my closest friends at a small cocktail party or gathering..laughing and reminiscing. A drink (that I will say) I do drink large amounts of are bellinis and mimosas. I love the fruity aspect of each and crave finding ways to change up the arrangement of ingredients. I find that these are perfect for luncheons, cocktail parties, dinner nights with friends, Sunday football games, holiday parties...and the list goes on (and on) because really these two drinks are a fan favorite no matter what the occasion may be.

     One version I am extremely obsessed with would be the Mango Bellini. It is an updated version of the basic bellini, which originally consists of sparkling wine and white peach purée. However, this recipe features mango nectar (or juice) instead of peach purée which makes it beautiful, festive and delicious! For an extra ”pop” of color, I like to garnish each champagne flute with 3 whole raspberries or strawberries.

Mango Bellini
(makes 1 drink)
1 part mango juice
2 parts chilled Champagne or sparkling wine
3 whole raspberries

 Fill a champagne flute one-third full with mango nectar. Top with sparkling wine, leaving a little room for the raspberries, and stir gently. Place raspberries in champagne flute. Enjoy!