This Month: Hello December!

     It is finally absolute favorite month. You may be wondering why this cold (hectic season) is my favorite, and here are my top 10 reasons why! 

1. It is my birthday month which I love. If you do not know me my birthday falls smack dab on the day after Christmas so I am for sure a Christmas baby. I have never minded this simply because my family has always spoiled me with great company, laughter, food.. and never fail to separate a small birthday gift aside a Christmas present (Which just so you know is crucial..people hate when you make one gift for 2 special occasions ..exhibit (a).. twins should not have to share 1 present because they were born on the same day..not okay).

2. It is CHRISTMAS time..which I think 99% of our population loves. I feel like this is a month where people really reflect on the past year and how they can make improvements or even become a little more tender hearted. For me, I always like to make a list of things I want to make better for myself in the upcoming year. I also love remaining in a thankful state of mind for the family I still have, while remembering all the fond memories with family I have lost. God is so good and I try to remember his unconditional love throughout each day of December.

3. Gift giving has got to be my love language and this is the month where I love to spoil those around me with little treasures I think they will enjoy (not to mention there are insane deals out there which is just perfect :)). I love finding something unique for each family member and friend that is going to give them a spark of joy over the holidays. Right now places like Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Jcrew, Anthropologie, Gap and many others are making gift giving a breeze..and let's not forget about Target.(but let's face it..they are hard to forget).

4. I love Christmas and holiday music. Growing up, I have fond memories of dancing in our living room to Mannheim Steamroller and cooking in the kitchen with my mom to Amy Grant and lip singing with my sister to Nsync's Christmas CD. Nowadays the music options have changed a bit but I still play all of those old goodies and have no shame in doing so!

5. Holiday wear has got to be one of my favorites. I have always loved getting a bit dressed up and festive and I feel like this is the time of year where you can do so at most every occasion ( I also love the colors and embellishments on just about every item of clothing (maybe minus jeans) so the holidays are my favorite to bust it all out. 

6. Hot chocolate gets a number all by itself because let's be honest..who is not a fan of it?? I kinda go overboard and make some almost every night this time of year. The weather is always crisp at night and I love bundeling up with a cup of hot cocoa to finish off a long day. 

7. DIY projects are everywhere in December. From making wreaths... to finding unique ways to package gifts.. I love every bit of it! I have already posted one idea for a Holiday wreath in a previous blog post and will be posting how I made my ornament wreath soon as well stay posted!

8. Christmas trees! I really do love the smell of a natural tree in the house this time of year so finding the perfect tree is crucial. In the past Corey and I have gone out and helped his family find one for their house and this year I am hoping we can do the same for my new home! Pine is just a smell you can't deny..

9. Baking and cooking go hand in hand over the whole month ..for me at least. My mom and I used to get out her old chestnut recipe box (filled with Grandma's amazing recipes) and would make probably 12 various types of Christmas cookies to enjoy throughout the month. I plan on doing the same this year..even though it tends to be a bit crazy! I also want to try making her famous sausage balls that have a hint of spicy I crave.

10. Last but really not least..because this list could probably go on forever and ever..but outdoor activities like mountain trips and ice skating are a must over the course of the month. Corey and I are already planning on going to Waynesville Inn Golf Resort and Spa around the second week of December and I can't wait! We love everything from going hiking in Blowing Rock to checking out all the local shops and restaurants of Asheville. Therefore, a yearly mountain trip is a must in our book. We also love going ice skating with friends when is gets closer to Christmas. It is so gorgeous out always with lights in trees and everyone in the Christmas spirit. 

     SO there you have it...I LOVE this month and all that goes along with it. I hope everyone is getting equally as excited!!