Thoughts: 5 Things

1. I am way to excited about this week. For once I have a one day work week...which is typically how it goes but no babysitting tomorrow and then Wednesday, Corey and I will be on our way to Waynesville! We have decided instead of golfing and maybe me getting some spa action..we might go skiing instead! It's been forever since both Corey and I have been so why not give it a go? (Yes we probably will be falling on our butts most the time but we will have a blast!). I am already packing and making sure I have plenty of warm things like my favorite wool socks..fur coat..skinnies..booties..and scarves galore! 

2. I Think some people are so strange..If you have a blog ..or any social media account and someone wants to befriend you that doesn't look like a rapist or strange old creepy man..why take offense in them adding you as a friend? Like are you "too cool" in your own micro world that you can't let others get to know you or your journey that is evidently pretty public? Makes no sense to me.. but to each their own worries if you are reading this and stumble across my facebook or instagram and look like a nice person with many mutual friends I won't be that close minded (as some are) and would love to get to know you! :) Thank you to all who have reached out to me or been so sweet with me reaching out to you! Yall are awesome and seem to have tons going for you unlike the few things others rejoice over..

3. I am loving little babes. NO ..I am seriously not ready for my own anytime soon ..but being an aunt to 4 little ones along with 2 on the way is so rewarding and a huge blessing. I cannot wait for baby Whited and baby Brereton to be here after the New Year. God is so good in allowing life to be ever present in our world.

4. I have ...all of the sudden... become obsessed with Christmas. As in I bake almost every night a delicious xmas goodie and have now purchased my first Christmas tree ..and decorated it too! We also made a gingerbread village last night (which yes made me feel like a 5 year old again and I loved every bit of it!). I think the countdown to Christmas and my birthday are making their way here!

5. I will be getting my website up soon..which I am thrilled about!!! I hope everyone will love it as much as I am! It has a few little fixes and editing to do (which my boyfriend keeps saying he will do sometime before we turn ancient) but I am hoping it will be easier to share and for you to view my soon real estate info. It is always scary jumping into something new however, until you do you aren't truly living your life. I am ready for whatever God wants for me..and hoping this is His will! Stay posted for updates in the near future!  

Until next time...