Boone: Quick Trip & Lots of Laughs

     Saturday afternoon I decided to go visit my dear friend Laramie who lives in Boone, NC. She lives right past Blowing Rock in a shabby chic apartment on the mountainside. I fell in love with her abode filled with antique treasures and lots of vibrant colors. She sure has a wonderful way of welcoming you smiling bright and holding her adorable kitty, Pierre.
     I met Laramie back in college when I was joining Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. She soon became my "big" and I became her "little." We have had such a close relationship ever since our college/sorority days and I don't know what I would do without her genuine self in my life. She also is a makeup artist and a VERY good one I might add. I get the best tips on trends and cosmetics that are so healthy for your Anyways, she certainly is one of a kind and I am thrilled we got to spend some time together and catch up. She always cracks me up and we find ourselves rolling on the floor laughing more than anything. Love this about my girl because sometimes you need a good laugh here and there (am I right?)
     We decided to go to Black Cat on Saturday night for some delicious fresh mexican food and ended the night watching I Love New York. On Sunday her roomie, Alex, and us went to King street to do some antique shopping and just to check out the local shops. We got lattes and didn't let the clouds get in our way of us having a great time. Here are some pics I snapped from the trip. Cant wait to go back and visit longer!