Little Vintage Treasures: Love

     Blogging away on this rainy day which apparently is not ending for another week or so (lovely right?). Anyways, I Found (in my mind) some beautiful antique treasures at one of the shops we went to yesterday. I adore vintage earrings that are slightly over sized and have some gold element to them. They just seem to make a statement wherever you go and spice up any ordinary ensemble.
     I also like old woven knits and pieces that just seem so delicate and dainty. I found a beautiful cloth to go on top of a vanity or jewelry stand. It is hand woven and probably dates back to the 1900's. I want to pass down all of these things one day after I have little ones. I hope they will have some of the same love and passion for history/delicate myself!
     Be sure to check out vintage shops (even if they look like hole in the wall type of places). You really never know what you might find!