Moving Day: We Meet Again

     Yesterday morning was moving day for me (for the 450 time it seems). And no, it was not to a townhome or house or apartment ..but a storage unit (for the meantime) until I find a place I love. I will be staying with friends and my boyfriend for a few weeks until the moving takes off again! It really never ends.
      You know ...I can't really say I regret all the various places I've lived or would go back and change anything if I could. I think different homes with different roommates have always shaped me and taught me something.
     I really do think I want to stay in Charlotte (at least for another year) and work some and get a plan together. I have so many ideas of moving and traveling and where I want to raise a family..(blah blah blah) however I would rather have some money saved...I would rather have some set goals...I would rather utilize the opportunities and connections nearby and would like to be close to all my friends. So for now, looks like the QC is my home. I am okay with this too. I did see myself in another city, possibly exploring and just trying something new, but if that isn't for another couple be it! This is the beauty of taking your time and cherishing the different years of your life. God always has a plan..
     Back to my topic...yesterday's move...we used Gentle Giant Moving Company, and they were superb to work with! Had all of my stuff loaded ..packed ..moved and unloaded in under 2 hours! Was pretty affordable too (saved me tons of labor all yesterday) and the men were tremendously amicable. If your wondering..the storage unit was affordable too! I only need it for about a month or less... and Public Storage (on Park rd.)..currently has a promotion going on which is... $1 on your first month of rent for certain units. So this is costing me a total of 50 bucks (administrative fees too) for a month of storage. Talk about deal!
     When you are not married yet and you have a ton of furniture (home decor) and just stuff...movers can be lifesavers and won't cost you an arm and a leg. Same with storage units..I didn't want to make a hasty decision on a townhome so why not store for a month and get a game plan together?
     We will see what the future has in store (more like the next few weeks) but I will be sure to keep ya posted! Here are some photos I snagged of the move.