My Body Image


     One thing I know for sure, is that I love good rich food. The kind that leaves your mouth wanting just one more bite. A few years ago, I struggled with my weight a little. I was in college ...and found myself grabbing fast food left and right because of the efficiency (and it taste so darn good).  It ended up adding a good 10 pounds to my body in return, and I didn't look like myself at all (in my mind at least). I also had a bad snacking habit...real bad. Lots of chips, crackers and even cheese sticks. Even going for healthy snack foods like nuts and avocados have some fattening components. I felt like I was in a loose/loose situation most days.
     I remember trying to figure out what workout or diet would be best to get my body back in the shape it was ...prior to fast food cravings. Most workouts seemed annoying and I dislike the gym to a large extent. I have always been an avid runner (I will say) and find much more joy in exercising outside or doing an activity that isn't classified as "working out."
      In regards to dieting...Most every diet I found seemed so silly and required you to eat barely anything of substance. I love meat and a good piece of steak...why should I not be able to enjoy it in moderation and have a fit body? Same with bread (the world's leading carb)..I love it and enjoy a big roll for dinner or a biscuit for breakfast.
     I will never forget the day I was driving...and somehow got listening to a health topic on the radio. A nutritionist, who was talking, said something that I really took to heart and began practicing immediately.
     He said "Eat when you are hungry..don't eat when you aren't." Took me a minute and I realized how valid his simple point was. I thought about the times I snacked throughout the day..usually when I'm bored/stressed/lazy. Therefore, I began crafting or finding something to keep myself busy to replace the "snacking urge" when those feelings occurred.
     I also started working more after college (mostly nannying) which helped with my body tone and staying active. People don't realize, but when u are carrying infants up and down stairs along with routine walks during the day...your body is getting a killer workout. I added it up (one day) and I had gone up and down the stairs over 30 times due to changing diapers...baths...etc.
     So here I am today. I eat only when I am hungry and stay busy keeping my body active. I eat a good breakfast (usually eggs and oatmeal) a light lunch (turkey sandwich & yogurt) and a pretty substantial dinner (anything from crab cakes to pasta to a hearty filet). I weigh 132 pounds and I am 5'9. According to the doctor (who I saw a few weeks ago) my blood pressure and everything else is healthy as a clam! My skin has also been phenomenal I might add.
     SO what I'm trying to get across is the fact that you don't need to workout for hours everyday or go on some crazy diet to have a body you love. I stay active (rarely go to the actual gym) by taking walks outside and simple things like staircase climbing. I eat whatever I want as long as it is somewhat organic and fresh. I make brownies at night and have no guilt indulging in them.
     Don't put yourself in a health cage where you limit yourself from good food and practically live at the gym. Enjoy your life and find activities that give your body a workout without forcing yourself to a treadmill. Hiking..walks..stair climbing..even washing your car gives your body a stretch and workout. Enjoy your life and don't put restrictions on everything you eat. Like my mom always told me.."everything in moderation."

Until next time!