Valentine's Day: In My Shoes

     I don't know about you, but I had a wonderful and simple Valentine's Day. I spent the morning enjoying coffee and breakfast (while snuggling with Brody) and really embraced the freedom of no obligations. My sister and niece (Laura & Ellerie) and I all face-timed which had me smiling ear to ear. Somehow when you face-time it just feels like you are all together (thank you to advanced technology!).
     Ellerie is completely full of life and loved showing me all of her toys along with her cooking supplies (loves being in the kitchen). Her voice will always melt my heart. I tend to have flashbacks of the night she was born...I remember being told she had arrived and I (literally) ran down the halls of the hospital to Laura's room, hearing the most precious cry, and looked at the most precious little creation from God (gives me chills just writing about it!). I ave never cried so many tears of joy in my life. There is nothing like being an aunt!
     Back to my day...When Corey got home, he had a dozen roses (pinky peach favorite) along with hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries and a card from him (and of course one from Brody too). Did I mention there were balloons involved as well? If there is one thing my man is that I enjoy the most simple (yet thoughtful) gifts and gestures. He knows that on these (minor) holidays it means more to me to receive a bouquet of flowers than anything else and how I will love them so.
     AND if there is One thing I is that I am a lucky girl. I think we take our relationships for granted and don't always appreciate the little things we are given or told. I will not lie..there are days I take Corey's 50 kisses on my forehead and cheek for granted..him making me my favorite foods for granted..his unconditional understanding and support for granted and his love and respect for me ...for granted.
      It is not that I don't give thanks or show love back (believe me I do) is more that because he is so good to me (on a regular basis) that I tend to not give him enough credit. I decided yesterday morning (as I was sitting and rubbing Brody) no matter what happens on this beautiful day... I will cherish every little thing and give credit and appreciation. This helped opening my eyes a bit, and will be telling myself this more often. Sometimes you need a reminder (even if is to yourself) that you are lucky and blessed and have many wonderful (big & little) things going on in your life...that are special in their own ways. For that love should be shown & most importantly thanks :) Here are some photos from my Vday!