Graphic Design: Petal Website

     I have unquestionably been very transparent in that I am not a professional photographer but rather an enthusiast looking into becoming professional. Something about a DSL camera makes people think you are some sort of pro but that would completely discredit those who have degrees in photography or went to an art institution. I, my friends, have a degree in International Public Relations which is definitely not photography but rather involves it. I always was drawn more to the creative aspect of PR (web design/graphic design/flyers/brochures/marketing) and finally found a place to utilize some of that creativity. My main job with Petal is crafting most of their marketing materials along with photography and info we want YOU to hear about! Therefore, when it came to updating the website for Fall I had a few ideas up my sleeve. Here are 3 sample photos (which you may spy on that I photographed and added some typography to. Here is a peak!

**If you have any need for marketing materials or would like to collaborate on a creative project please email me and let's chat!!**

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