Graphic Design: "3 Things" Logos

     I  write somewhat of a series called "5 Things." I originally saw it via "Cashmere & Cupcakes" blog, and loved the way she was able talk about 5 things going on in her week that were learning lessons, events coming up or just everyday stuff. After being completely inspired, I decided to do a similar "5 Things" series on my blog, as well, with more of a focus on 5 things that might not correlate but rather are occurring currently for me and my life whether serious or comical. It honestly was more of a series to let me get out my thoughts on various issues like a journal.

     Well....I've decided, a weekly "5 Things" is just too much now and I would rather focus on 3 things more details and info about each "thing" (if that makes sense). In continuing with the graphic design from yesterday I wanted to share the two "3 Things" series logos I am going to use through the Fall/Winter and then Spring/Summer. Could I have made 4 and kept it super cheesy..yes..but I stuck to a floral background and 1 font for both.

     Creating these different typography designs has been quite enjoyable for probably have gathered that by now! I really would love to make something special for you whether it's a photo you already have and would like some sweet words added or maybe would like some photos taken by me and I can create cards or cute messages as well!

(Below both "3 Things" I did create a logo for the series I like to do more frequently now "The Look")