Photography: Baby Evie!

     Last weekend, I got the opportunity to shoot some pictures (briefly) of the Fox family! Stephanie went to highschool with my boyfriend and we were all able to reconnect at a friend's wedding over the summer. She was beautifully pregnant and glowing as a bridesmaid and I loved chatting with her! We connected recently, after the birth of her beautiful baby girl Evelyn (Evie) and were able to meet up for a mini photo session. Her family was adorable and unbelievably sweet. Even though I needed to scoot an hour post arrival (I had my good friend in town too) I think we got some really stunning and memorable photos that their family will be able to have for years to come. I also plan on returning to take more photos of be on the lookout!

"Family is the most important thing in the world."

-Princess Diana-

As I am getting more practice with portrait photography, I am realizing having a camera better than my Nikon D3100 is going to be crucial. There is just only so much you can do using the most basic professional camera and the lens it comes with (haha). I laugh because if you are a photographer you might be reading this laughing out loud.. BUT I have been able to snap some breathtaking photos ever since getting into this hobby so I can't complain too much.  

Here is a preview of the photos and like I always mention, please reach out to me for any creative project or mini photo session! I am doing most everything for free currently to continue getting practice and exposure.  

**Please email and give credit to use my images**