Beck's Abode: Halloween Entry Table

     Crisp cool air, pumpkin lattes, apple cobbler, roasted pecans..OH and Halloween all make me smile ear to ear come October. I didn't go crazy this year and did not want to be incredibly chic, over the top or insanely creepy/scary with decor...which is how my "semi-spooky/fun" entry table came to mind. I stuck to a budget of around 40 bucks and (in my opinion) it turned out very nice! Most everything was purchased from the Dollar Tree & Hobby Lobby...I recommend both for cheap seasonal decor. Actually, let me say, I recommend Hobby Lobby for any decor you may need from gold accents, to hand crafted ceramics and everything in between (they also are a Christian store chain which makes supporting them rewarding). I will be posting a cute Halloween banner I made soon using vintage printed craft paper and over-sized letters. In the meantime, enjoy some photos of my table and I hope you are finding ways to make your abode cozy, comfy, and all things Fall! **I ended up finding these fun skeletons to add after I initially took some photos..which is why they are only at the end**