Graphic Design-Holidays!

     I've begun doing some seasonal typography and graphic design pieces just for you (I suppose me too since I enjoy them so much!). I adore the designer behind these hand drawn floral prints and decided to purchase a few (maybe more than a few..okay a ton) to create place cards, cards, flyers, prints..etc. I also purchased the calligraphy style shown below because It is simply a favorite (and was worth every penny). Therefore, I would love to combine the two and craft something special for you or as a gift for a friend. I can basically create any combo, size, font, name it we can probably do it! The wreaths work really well for prints to frame or greeting cards. Please contact me and we can specialize something for you for an upcoming event or just your own personal use! My email is

**Each Custom Print (which you can copy however many times you'd like) is $8.00**