Party Custom Lettering

Parties look much warmer and more inviting with place cards, table cards, and festive descriptions of what is being served. We are throwing a customer appreciation party here at Petal Charlotte and I wanted to make our light pink floral beverage headers a little more whimsical and dreamy. I can create any form of these labels (size/shape/you name it)and add any graphic you would like (does not have to be the simple roses). You will get a set of 5 basic labels (as pictured below) with any graphic of your choice and white background for $6. You will receive your labels as a large JPEG file that you can download..print..and enjoy!! These are currently on Etsy for close to 30 bucks PER this is a great deal! Time wise...I can have your image of labels ready the day of but would rather send a sample to you a day before to confirm you love it and it needs no tweaks! After the New Year prices may rise so take advantage!!

**Be sure to check out my Post on Holiday Graphics!! Another amazing deal!**

-XoXo Amanda-