Brody: Can't Believe It's Been a Year

     There really are no words when it comes to how much this dog means to me and has meant to me this past year. We adopted him from a sweet elderly lady on Halloween (last year) and he was only a few months old at the time. Brody was an itty bitty angel that came to save me from my mild depression I was dealing with in loosing Portia (my Jack Russell). She passed away after being hit by a car during an October afternoon this time last can find that story in a previous post dedicated to her.... I don't think I can bring myself to write about that day's misery again or anytime soon. Back to Brody, he has been everything I've needed in life & truly makes living alone twenty times more enjoyable and less lonely. Here is a brief summary of our little man..

-Brody is super relaxed about 98% of the day..the remaining 2% would be when he has to go out first thing in the morning.

-He adores toys and I have played a role in that to some extent. When Corey is done working for the day, Brody brings over a different toy every 5 min for him to throw, toss or tug.

-He sleeps either with me or in his bed (he has about 3 now) and takes 30 naps throughout the day (I. kid. you. not.).

-He rarely gets sick and enjoys carrots, green beans, sweet potato and any form of salty snack alongside his regular dog food. We typically make a big breakfast on the weekends and treat him to a few bites of egg (you only live once right?). And just like me will eat as much cheese as you lay in front of him. 

-He NEVER barks unless he feels threatened..this we have made sure to instill in him.

-He loves water whether it is swimming int he pool or getting scrubbed in the bath...he is one yorkie that will soak up some agua!

-He has to be rubbed on his belly at least twice each will hear a very subtle whine when he needs some loving..don't we all??

-He has gone from sweater/shirt lover to clothes hater...I blame Corey for this because he usually says something like "You feel really dumb don't really wanna take that off buddy don't you?...Oh I'm sorry little man, you don't have to wear that ridiculous thing.." I mean would you want to wear anything having someone tell you that...yeah don't think so! Oh well...I got my fix when he was a puppy and didn't know better.

-He knows how to sit and stay and what "do you need to go potty?" means (He runs quickly to the door if so)

-He has so much love to give

     Having him has brought fresh air, moments of crying laughter, patience, and the value of slowing down each day to stop. smile. and breathe... at least for a few minutes. Here is an old picture of us that I love..and yes he is giving me a puppy kiss..ill take 500 of them!  God provides just what you need when you need it...thank you to Him for just that.