Chetola W/ Mom & Sis

     My mom, sister and I ventured up to Blowing Rock for a wonderful relaxing weekend at Chetola. You would be surprised at how hard it is for just the three of us to schedule some time together so we decided to make this a yearly tradition. It is really nice to reconnect, have some deep talks and just enjoy the presence of one another. We chose probably the most chilly weekend to go, but inevitably had a very nice time! My mom made our room cozy with candles and we had the heat turned up!!

      I got a little sick feeling the first night right as we sat down for dinner at Twigs.  I'm realizing I just have bad anxiety that decides to come about at the most random times and that is something I may have to live with. For me, anxiety ends up causing an upset stomach majority of the time do to feeling nervous (and usually feeling nervous for no reason). Let me make this clear....anxiety is not a joke and it takes a mature person to sympathize and understand how debilitating it can be on your life. Just like some people face eating disorders or have an illness that is sporadic....anxiety is nothing someone wants to if anything at all just be understanding to those facing it. 

    The next day went much better..thank you Lord!! We spent time outlet shopping, had a lovely Swedish massage and enjoyed dinner at a restaurant in Chetola. I loved the atmosphere and rustic smell I got everywhere I walked. I can't wait for the next trip to the mountains...and I am thinking it may be with my handsome man! Here are a few photos I got...I honestly didn't take barely any..oh well..maybe next time!