We had such a wonderful Christmas with most of our gigantic family! With a huge blended family, you tend to have people all over the place, so we did miss my step sister, Elissa Whited (and her family) as they were in France! We did end up face timing with them.. which was heart warming and special! The holidays, for me, always makes me think of those I have lost (especially my dad) yet I have really focused on nurturing the relationships with my individual family members that I have now. God has a never ending way of always showing the many blessings he has provided when I am at my weakest points ..and for that praise be to Him. 

     My boyfriend spent the holidays with me this year (he is usually up north with his family) and that was also a major treat this year. We did "Baran Christmas" a few days before actual Christmas with his family before they jetted off to Penn. This is a tradition of theirs which I have now experience for now 5 years!! In the simple terms "Baran Christmas" might as well be Christmas. Each year brings about more laughter, cookie decorating, family games, oodles of gifts and just the love of amazing people all around.

     After spending a fun-filled Christmas with his family, we headed to my family's home, in Summerfield, for actual Christmas day. Every year (and maybe more-so this year) spending time with my mom and rest of the family is what make the holidays complete. Seeing my sweet nieces and nephews run around and play together just fills me with an abundance of happiness...and at a larger level when I see my hunk of a boyfriend get down on their level to play and share in their small delights. These feelings allow the opportunity to open your eyes at what is most important in our crazy I wish I had taken a few more photos but I once again chose to get somewhat unplugged and rather be in the moment. A few are below! 

** Our Christmas worship service was all about the revealing of God's Glory. Here is a verse I am reading over and over..Romans 11:36 "For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen." **