Prints: By Maidservantof (Morgan Day Cecil)

     I have been really seeking motivational prints and scripture (written beautifully) to hang in my new abode (wherever that ends up being). I find it uplifting to incorporate art (of all sorts) in your life by hanging it on walls or placing it on a quaint entry table. Currently, I am loving unique prints with wise words..typically from authors or scripture or just people who inspire me. 

    I have lived so many various places from townhomes to apartments to a house ..and have lived alone and with roommates. I have decorated and spent countless hours finding perfect pieces that fit and contribute to my style (rustic/vintage/french/shabby chic/bold). I have bought a plethora of furniture and "house items" ...that currently a huge storage unit up the road is filled to the brim with. I have done all of this due to thinking that each new place I live, will be somewhat permanent. Yeah......right. 

     Truth be told...I am only 24, and I really need to stop wanting the life of a 28 year old right now. I need to embrace/enjoy these crazy years with an understanding that in the future things will calm down and be steady. therefore, I have decided with this next home (no matter how big or small) will for sure not be a permanent location or my dream house or where I will want to spend life with my future fiance/husband. Rather, It will be a place that is seasonal and something that will shape me but won't define me until my next season. I mostly want to save money ..along with making sure my decisions feel completely right without being hasty. 

    This being said...I plan on using the decor and furniture I already have in styling my new place but keeping a good amount of it packed up. I want my space to be more simplistic and a little rustic this time around. I will probably be adding a series to this site (once I know where I will be residing for sure) that will have pictures and tips on home decor. I have always had a love for interiors and putting pieces together to give a space  identity. 

    Here are 3 prints (by Morgan Day Cecil who can be found as "Maidservantof" on Etsy) that I cannot wait to purchase soon and put somewhere for bits of inspiration. Check her work out!