Spring Style Cravings: They Continue..

     Seventies style, floral mixing, scalloped trims, floral Silhouettes, the midi skirt, embellished graphics, distressed textures, grid-like checks, badges and emblems, crocheted lace appliques, pastel hues, safari & retro prints and textured matching pieces....All of which I am currently craving.

     It’s always very tempting to run out and buy the first spring looks you see, but to ensure both you & I don’t end up wasting away funds on random purchases. I've  done some spring style collaborating on your behalf.

     Here are some fashion trends I'm drooling over (as of now) and pieces I would love to wear in the upcoming months..aka come April. Trend has always been synonymous with the word "influence"..so I hope this guide helps influence and revive your spring/summer wardrobe. Something about this warm weather (70's really??) makes me just want to dive into all the fashion trends, and start showcasing my favorite ensembles for the sunny days coming.  



1. Rosebud lip balm- found at Sephora

2 & 3. Topshop textured top and matching skirt

4. Marysia Swimwear one-piece

5. Jcrew Fedora

6. Nena & Co. weekender bag ("CIci Hupil")

7. A.R. Trapp 3686 sunglasses

8. Black & white striped dress

9. Steve Madden leopard flats