Weekend with Mom!

     I am not going to write an entire post about my mom's being and our relationship since day one when she held me in her arms for the very first time. I will be saving that for Mother's Day come May....and will refrain from getting all mushy just yet.

    Truth is, my mom is a nurturer and one whom I have complete admiration for. She knows me..she really knows me..from the little freckle on my left pointer finger to my hopes & dreams..she gets me. Because of this, she had the ability to teach me some of the most important life lessons I could know and words that hold such great truth to guide me. 

PicMonkey Collage.png

     It is rare to have the type of bond we have culminated over the years..the type of bond where you want to make each other's lives better no matter how hard or how high the actions are to do so. She completes me... she has loved me unconditionally enough to tell me what I don't always want to hear... she has provided for me in so many more ways than one. She is mom, and for that.. to God be the glory

     I was able to visit with her some over the weekend, due to her attending a political class up in Concord. She stayed with our good family friends last night (since I am still in the midst of finding a new place) ....and came with Corey and I to our church, Forrest Hill. After being fed some wise words, we ate delicious food at Brio Tuscan Grille (my favorite) and enjoyed good talks. I love that she is close enough for us to make day trips to see one another! Hope your weekend was wonderful and filled with adventures in this gorgeous weather we have had :)