5 Things: My Thoughts

1. I really am needing a break from everything in life. A break meaning "I give up for a week and enjoy myself completely somewhere distant..preferably tropical." I just think it may help me get back on the grind better and give my body a break from infants. I told Corey yesterday that a (small) trip would be crucial for the month of March.

2. I am so excited to share that I am going to be starting up a side business that will feature vintage decor+handmade goods+furniture+fashion. I am going to start it at a booth type of rental space (similar to Black Lion) along with a few items that will be sold on my website. We plan on calling it "BECKS" and hope you will be sure to check us out if you are near Summerfield, NC. I will also be blogging on updates and sharing our inventory via this website.

3. I am in need of a shopping day. One day where I have an allotted amount of money, and purchase numerous favorite spring pieces I keep yearning for. If I have to see one more long sleeve thermal shirt, cable sweater or pair of jeans I may just go insane. I am so ready for some floral printed pants and some bright colored tops. Sadly I have tons of amazing spring items.. but they are literally in boxes packed up currently (super right?). Let's just say once I'm all unpacked and can properly fit all my clothes in my closet ..it will be a jungle.

4. I love walking and have been going on killer long walks with the babes during the day. I do it mostly because they end up falling asleep or simply remaining quite for majority of the trip. I typically take them around Madison Park and go throughout the neighborhood (which is pretty large if you are unfamiliar). It has been reducing my anxiety in the afternoons and has been getting my booty back in shape (thank goodness!).

5. I love this quote, because it just speaks to me and helps put things in perspective...it also has a good bit of truth to it too, I might add..

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” - Joshua J. Marine Have a wonderful weekend with those you love :)!