Style: Oscar Winner's Ensembles

Saw this online (browsing style websites) and thought it was really interesting to see the transformation of gown choices through the years. Some styles changed so drastically while others stayed consistent for awhile. I think each dress ultimately reflects the woman who wore it, but the eras played a big role in the equation as well.

Growing up, the Oscars was always a never-missed-program that my mom and I (along with sis) loved. What little girl wouldnt dream of walking down a red carpet wearing a custom Dior or Chanel ensemble.

To this day, we typically talk afterwards about all the outfit choices, the hairstyles we thought were elegant and even the poise and eloquence each Oscar winner had about them during their speech (not to mention those statement jewelry pieces are always stunning).

Anyways, this is just a fun chart to check out! If you enjoy a tid bit of fashion history ..this you will love. When your twenty something, gowns like these are still in reach for beautiful moments in life ..ahead ;).