Looking for some inspiration this week (via words), I decided to look up some quotes and passages that I could write down and glance at to keep my spirits up. One, that stood out to me, was by Claire Cook and it really hit home when I read it over a few times. 


     How true is that?? My mom always tells me (especially when I am stressed beyond measure) that everything works out and nothing is the end of the world. I have my health and family and friends and all the necessities for a happy/content life. I typically always get slight anxiety when my plans gets shuffled or don't go the way I had hoped for. However starting to get better about it all and realize these key words... "When plan A doesn't work..there are 25 other letters in the alphabet." Meaning..calm down..stop worrying..take a deep breath...things will always work out. 

    Hope this week you are finding words that help inspire and put your thoughts in a positive direction. Life is too short to get worried about every plan A that took a different turn. When you are twenty something life is guaranteed to be a roller coaster and as my dear friend Melissa would say, "you have to learn to go with the flow." Happy Monday!