Arm Candy: Get Stacked

     Sorry for the lack of personal/life posts..but it has been a bit refreshing posting more on styling and what is inspiring me currently. I am about to move this weekend, and will be doing a post to give you the scoop on that adventure....SO.... stay posted on projects like how to create a wall collage and transforming a small table into an efficient work space (first 2 I plan on tackling). Also I will discuss several ways to keep decor budget friendly, along with small paint jobs, and finally some places to find great pieces to add a little somethin somethin to any space. 

    Back to what I did want to share with you (after I went on a rampage)...I found these adorable and quite unique stacked bracelets (browsing Etsy) that are pretty affordable ....AND create an effortless "stacked bracelet" look for all occasions.

     The creator of these beauties is named dAnn, and due to the fact that she has hundreds of amazing reviews..I think it is safe to say that these are worth every penny! She does do custom orders and sells some other cute things as well. I will also throw in there that she can make them specifically sized for your wrist which is always a huge plus! Here are some photos of her stacked bracelets along with her contact info..enjoy!!

Follow her via Instagram: @dannonetsy
Facebook:  dAnn designs
Pinterest: dAnnonEtsy