Consignment Find: Ready To Move

So this weekend I will be moving, yet again, to an apartment about 5 minutes south of Montford area. I decided I would just live on my own again (did it before and turned out just fine) and focus on my life, my career, my relationships, my hopes, my plans, my health and my goals. I love that I am taking my time and marching to my own drum (it's kinda nice I must say).

I am very satisfied (currently) and think I am finally on a solid path that seems to have few bumps compared to most. Don't get me wrong...there are always going to be struggles and strife. I am no fool or naive enough to think otherwise, however I hope things will continue to turn out positive and promising.

I am not going to get heavy into it.. but when people tend to tell every little detail about their success it gets so annoying and sounds a bit boastful. Lately, a couple blogs I check out from time to time were talking about something on the lines of how many style shoots they are turning down bc they are so "swamped" with work...or how "big" they have become with so many followers and emails that they have turned down offers/deals left after right. No offense, but there are probably over 4 million blogs getting that same recognition... so give yourself a pat on the back and maybe eat a piece of humble pie. ;)

It is much more refreshing hearing humbleness and gratefulness. If you have to do an entire blog post about your fame as a blogger ..that is really very sad. I favor real people and people who want to see not only themselves but others grow in this busy chaotic world that is so fame hungry.

Sorry for the ramble/getting off topic.. but it was on my mind. I plan on sharing deals/steals/moving tips/and ways to make a small space work on my website under a category "Beck's abode." Some of the items I feature will be sold at our online store and booth, BECKS.

So far I have way too much decor to even talk about (you would get bored) but had to share these two prints I stumbled across at an antique consignment shop in Waxhaw, NC. They were 2 bucks...STEAL! I plan on changing up the frames and maybe putting them in something darker. They will be perfect accents for my kitchen or bathroom..have not decided yet!

Check out local consignments to get more bang for your buck!