5 Things: Why Life Is Good

1. My soul sister comes to the QC this afternoon and I am thrilled! We will be consuming large amounts of food..wine..and laughter. When we are together it's like time never passed by. I love to have friends like her in my life ...they are far and few!

2. I am moved in!!!!!! Now don't get me wrong...there are several things I still have to do.... BUT everything is out of the storage unit and has found a quaint spot in my abode. I am so so thankful God made this such an easy transition and allowed for everything to work out perfectly. I don't know why I ever doubt His plan for my life..it always turns out better than I invision.

3. I have the absolute sweetest family. I don't brag about them enough.. but I have the most remarkable step sisters and step brother and step dad and step nieces and nephews..it really truly makes me happy. Not only do I have them, but my courageous and beautiful mother..and loving wise sister who have both taught me so much. My brother in law, David, is incredible and such a hard worker and my niece, Ellerie, has my heart and will be the love of my life forever. I am realizing how important it is to have family (especially with those who have lost loved ones in this missing plane incident all over the news) and to cherish them every minute! In this crazy world I give thanks to my Father, each day, for blessing me with such a large, God fearing family. I love that song by Aviici called "Hey Brother" (or something along those lines)..it basically says "I've got your back" and no matter what I'll be there for my siblings, family and those I love.

4. My boys are the best. Brody and Corey are who I am referring too.. and they are the sweetest. Corey has helped me hang wall art as if it's his job the past four days and Brody has been so good and patient through this whole move. He is so well behaved for a yorkie, and I love that he is just all boy. Something that makes my heart want to explode, is coming over to Corey's place after I get off work and finding them taking a cat nap together (it's just too cute)..This will probably have me in tears, one day, if he is cat napping with a little babe of ours. I love having someone in my life that puts me high on his priority list. Thankful!

5. I love inspirational quotes and think there is nothing wrong whatsoever with being inspired by wise/creative words. I think if more people read them maybe they would not be so harsh and have less ugly words to share (wouldn't that be nice). We all need to work on it but If you have nothing nice to say or are making a comment to someone out of hurt..shame on you. You clearly have too much time if you have to waste moments of your life degrading someone. Especially if you have children! Be an example and an inspiration... don't say you only talk to people who want to see you grow and flourish when they are talking horribly to others. Makes no sense ya know? I wish we all could speak to people with words of encouragement..love..patience..and a good heart. I wish we could all acknowledge each others many gifts and find the good in everyone. I wish we were not so prideful and that we could accept others even those we may not know.

This print sums it up..for me at least. It would be nice to remember why we love and have the ability to love each other. Let's not forget how to be decent loving human beings...it's not that hard :)

**you can find it on Esty**