Logo Creations for "BECKS"..Coming Soon!

     In order to get things moving, I wanted to go ahead and create a logo and name for my small side business, "BECKS" (coming in the next few months). I am hoping to get it licensed this week, and have already been prepping a business plan to make sure we are doing our best at making substantial profits & simply breaking even starting off. Mind you, this is going to start out incredibly small and hopefully be something I gain some practice in ...I have a ton to learn as far as keeping up with website inventory, managing commerce on my website along with making several trips to Summerfield, NC (where the booth will be located!...We will be sharing more information on that soon!)

     BECKS will offer vintage furniture, decor, household items (throws/frames/prints), handmade goods/gifts.. and closer to Christmas..some fashion (watches, scarves, tops). My dad, Tim Beck, was an entrepreneur and made such a name for himself due to his genuine nature & work ethic. He was creative and had a sharp eye for interiors along with the different types of architecture. My Grandmommy cherished everything DIY (crafty) and vintage and I have such fond memories of her. I lost both of them years ago and hope BECKS will honor their names and the wonderful people they were and meant to me. They will always be my inspirations. 

     I will (hopefully) have BECKS as a category on my website so you can quickly channel through our inventory and news updates. Here are a few of the logo and graphic design pieces that we will be using to launch BECKS. Enjoy and stay tuned!