A New Perspective For Mondays

If your like me, Monday is always a drag. I really dislike getting back into the groove of a new week and all it entails..busy busy and oh yeah busy! I try to take time and breathe/exhale numerous times to keep my nerves below insanity..However sometimes that doesn't even help.

Today I decided I was going to wake up.. and not have such a pessimistic mindset. I found (through a distant friend) this post on her Instagram. I read it..then read it again. Wow. How moving and powerful to realize that on this day (that I typically dread) there are so many amazing miracles occuring. There is so much love and passion that will be spread today throughout our country.

Sometimes you truly have to take your mind off yourself, your battles and struggles..and realize today may be a day an anxious family welcomes brand new life..today someone may get the job or big break they had so hoped for..today a couple (who might even be elderly) is going to get married and share the journey of life.

Today is a blessing. Make the very most of it and praise our Heavenly Father for giving us the gift of life :) You will never have this day again so how can you make today unique and special.