Mother's Day Gift Guide

     Mother's Day is approaching (May 11, 2014) and I love giving my mom something special and something she will get some use out of. My mom is the kind of woman who never spoils or treats herself to anything... unless some rare occasion occurs. Therefore, I try to give her something she would not buy herself or would think is "a waste of money." Sometimes you need to spend money on something you know you love .... not sure why she has not grasped this concept. I tell her often "Mom putting your money into quality, long-lasting goods is not wasteful yet more so an investment." She then will continue to bargain clearly doesn't fall far from the tree. I love that we are clearly alike (in many ways) and it's just another reminder of how truly a gift she is to me and my life.

     Here are some items I compiled that are great quality and items every woman can appreciate having this season. They do range in prices and I have the links attached below. Enjoy spending time with your mom and cherishing moments together!