Beck's Abode: Bedroom Nook

I apologize for still not having all of my "Beck's abode" posts organized for you to find on the website..but will do so hopefully soon! Luckily, there haven't been a ton of posts because we (Corey & I) decided to take a "home-moving-small-break" this week and get back on the grind after Eastee.

Truth is, I'm excited to share the many projects, interior design and DIY I plan on doing, but annoyed at the fact that I have done several ventures (of the sorts) numerous times the numerous other abodes I've lived for numerous years. Sadly, it is beginning to feel like such a waste investing a plethora amount of time, extra money, and passion in making a place feel like home when it's not a permanent home ..just temporary. However, I love doing it (and it keeps me busy) so inevitably the projects will continue.

I decided (since there is no room for my kitchen table/chairs) in the living room space..I would utilize two of the chairs for a nook in my bedroom. At first I had the large red chair in my bedroom, but quickly realized it made more sense for that to be enjoyed in the living room.

I also thought the table I originally purchased as a coffee table..was just too small for the space. Instead, I am refurbishing my chest/bench into an ottoman that will make the living room extra comfy and make for one amazing "coffee table." I plan to get some trays (spray painted cream/gold) to go on top of the chest for dining.

SO.. now.. I have two of the dining room chairs and the coffee table (meant for the living room) located in my bedroom for a little unwinding and relaxing. I took the two circular pillows from the couch and put one on each chair (for comfort mostly and the fact that 4 decorative pillows.. on a couch.. is a bit much). I have also added some vintage books and pictures to display on tbe table that are not pictured. Lastly we plan on mounting a small tv above the table this weekend as well ..since there are two.

I love that I found ways to use these pieces and give my bedroom more depth. I'm not used to having a larger room, so that has definitely been a bonus! only thing I may do it give the table a bit of color by painting it a shade of hunter or sage green.

Here are some pics (from my phone) of the space so far.