Feeling Mossy

I cant help, in the midst of decorating/rearranging, to get inspired by some colors and prints that feel completely spring.. in my opinion. I love all the greenery and florals coming alive, while showing their unique and vibrant colors. Being an advocate for making a space feel very "at home" and seasonal, I cant help but to get swept away this time of year. Currently, Moss/white/brass are basics I am drawn to. Any space applying these colors, can usually add a pop of something bright and it will look perfect (and serene)!

In making this mood board (using these 3 basic colors), I realized everything came from Lulu & Georgia (A favorite of mine I've expressed to you before). The only missing piece to this puzzle would be something vibrant such as fresh flowers from the local market (hint: Trader Joes has great prices).

keeping a space simple, clean and eye catching has been my motto with decorating ever since the twenties rolled around. Probably because the rest of my life is such chaos half the time...so going home to my retreat (my haven)is crucial. I want to come home and unwind and be uplifted after a tiring busy day. 

Most of these pieces (I will warn) are on the pricey side..but completely well worth it due to their quality. I have my eye on a few (well pretty much everything) but trying to find 1 or 2 of these pieces that I might could add to my space. Check them out!

**Everything is from Lulu & Georgia**