The Old Bench

     I got a bunch of feedback (via instagram) on which fabric to go with... to refurbish my old chest. Let me tell you, this chest is probably over 50 years old and has been redone numerous times.

    The last refurbish it got was with my mom in high school. I vividly remember us going to Hancock Fabric (in Winston-Salem) and picking out a funky retro print (and some foam for cushion). We went home, and had a wonderful afternoon partaking in our first "big" DIY project together. The old chest blossomed into a beautiful bench (or ottoman) to use for college. I was elated and think this is where I really got into doing little projects like such using old and new materials. 

     I wanted to once more give it a new look and found two fabric prints (from Sleepy Poet) for a whopping 5 bucks a piece (for 4 yards...STEAL). One was a golden brown leopard print that I think I will use come Fall (yes redo the bench/chest/ottoman again!). The other print has an aztec/chevron look to it and is pretty durable. I love the neutrals because inevitably they go with everything I own...and am finding it easy to keep clean. 

     Corey and I used a staple gun and went to town on this sucker. I decided I want to end up painting the bottom portion (that's wood and has appliques on it) a very light sage or blue color. I am very ready to accomplish that part because I hate the white/vintage appliques on it currently. 

     Here are a few photos of the "almost finished product." I can't wait to share more once it is painted and completed!