5 Things: My Thoughts

1. Everyone has a right to their own parenting style, however in my personal opinion (as a nanny to 3 infants.. and an aunt to 6 babes) I think breastfeeding should be done by age 1 (props to mom's who can make it to that point), child wearing should stop at age 2 (they need independence..and no offense but I doubt your parents wore you around that much and you turned out just fine), co-sleeping with children really should not be happening unless something out of routine is going on (take it from a nanny..you are creating problems in so many more ways than one..and I really believe in some quality alone time when it comes to parenthood..set boundaries folks), STOP judging cloth diapers people (they are not bad and you are lying to yourself if you wouldn't want to save 20 grand a year..) and finally...it is really not hard to dress your child nicely for cheap (marshalls..ross..carters..gap clearance..etc.). Now those are my personal opinions and you can feel free to differ!

2. Movies such as "The Purge" freak me out and I am not sure why we would ever even place those creepy satanic ideas for people to watch. Yet...we wonder why moms are killing their teenagers and fiancés are throwing their husbands off cliffs..think about it. We went to see "The Neighbors" (I think that's the name) and it was hilarious..and a tad on the raunchy side (take note). Before it came on, there was a preview for a sequel to the first purge movie and I simply think it is disgusting and sad!

3. Never judge a book by it's cover. Beginning to really realize that some of the most genuine people look nothing like you may invision and I have begun to really open my eyes and let others into my life. Feel free to ask people for help and offer advice..our humanity needs more people to have a free giving spirit.

4. The fact that the Obamas are worth about 7 million bucks is absurd to me. I really do not understand how we have so many people suffering from job losses and have to this day an unstable economy and government (in my opinion) yet our president is cushioned with money. Must be nice is all I have to say..

5. I am open for free photography if anyone is interested in the Charlotte area. I just did pictures for a family I nanny for and wanted to spread the word that I am available. I will probably do an on location shoot at freedom park or nearby outdoor location. Contact info is linked above!