Turban Time: Nautical Style

     If you have not already gathered, I am a pretty huge fan of any sort of headdress. Whether it's a turban, head-wrap, headband, sunhat, hat in general..etc..I love them all! I wanted to try something new by making a turban knot to the side. I paired it with a stripe knit and think it makes for a pretty fun beach look, boat ride, or day trip somewhere adventurous. I love trying new styles and have no shame in sporting something a little different. Found the silk scarf (used as a turban) at Marshalls and top is from a local boutique. Also I am loving everything from "I Wear The Headdress." The designer is from Vancouver and makes the most chic and fun head-wraps! Check out her Instagram (iweartheheaddress). Happy Saturday! Below are some photos of the way I styled the "turban."