Sometimes I like to stop and re-prioritize my life, my world, my feelings. I like to embrace the simple things and reflect on various aspects around me. Brody is almost 1 and I really can't complain one bit about him. He is always so patient..rarely barks (unless he feels uncertain of our safety)..and always is the biggest cuddle bug. There are plenty of moments I miss my vivacious little Portia and her never ending kisses, however Brody really has been good for my soul. The kind of pup I look at and without words can say "It's okay, relax mom, everything will be alright."

     Occasionally I take his gentle nature for granted and realize I have barely acknowledged him all day I take a few minutes to sit down on his level...give a good belly rub..and tell him how thankful I am each day for his tiny being. God knows how to reshape your mind & center it not only on Him, but the little things (He has given you) in life that make each day a tad sweeter. Give your little fur babes some extra love today and realize you are their everything.