New Series: "Third Perspective"

I have really loved blogging and found it to be mostly an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. I enjoy sharing secrets to decorating for cheap and cooking different types of food. I find joy in exhibiting different photography ventures and speaking truthfully from the heart on various topics. I have created a few series as the blogging has continued that seem to have stuck and re-appear which are..

- 5 Things (Many bloggers already do this series so I decided to jump on the bandwagon..but this allows me to share 5 things I'm thinking, doing or wanting most of the time)

- Taste & Tell (I love cooking and sharing the recipes I indulge in. I hope this series gives you motivation to get active in your kitchen)

- Beck's Abode (for all my DIY crafters, decorators & refurbishing gurus this series you will love..hope to inspire you and your space)

- The Look (basically my fashion flare exposes itself and I talk about new style ideas along with where to find great pieces for less)

- Instagram Inventory (pictures (as requested) from my Instagram feed for those that don't have one.. people you need one!)

The next series I would like to get into is what I have called "Third Perspective." This series I want to talk about ideas and unique ways to do everyday tasks with your youngsters. From homemade vegetable bites to ways to contain a 1 year old in a bath ..I want to show you ideas & ways to think outside the box. Being a nanny/caretaker for over 12 different families (from preemies to 10 year olds) I have learned how to do things a handful of ways.

Hope this opens your mind and inspires moms..dads.. and caretakers with "Third Perspective" topics! Enjoy!