Truth Is..

This week has been tough and challenging. Not for any particular reason..but I guess it was a mixture of a few things that had me down. From a long day nannying to hearing unwanted comments...most days have been ending with some tears...tired eyes...and long baths. Life really isn't bliss all the time nor is it full of happiness. However, during these unfavorable times I typically learn a few lessons and try to change things up.

I think the biggest lesson I'm really learning is that I should not let people who do so little for me ..control so much of the way I feel.

My love language is giving and it always has been. I love giving to others whether it is verbally or by means of a gift. I don't expect it in return, but I do expect to be asked occasionally how I'm doing and how is life. Don't we all? It is hard when you give and give and actions are not ever reciprocated. Pushes people away normally. Therefore, I've decided to take a break..a break from going out of my way for people that have me on the back burner or just simply don't care to ask how you feel.

A lesson I learned as a child, but am now seeing the true importance, is to not say something if you have nothing nice to say. We all could work on this but lately it's been a big deal. Words have such great power and can seriously do some damage. Words can hurt and break someone down. For me, I am trying to really keep an open mind to what other people do and the way they do things. As my mom would say "just because someone does something differently..does not mean that it's wrong."
Many times hurtful words stem from jealousy, sadness or not understanding something. If you don't understand or are not aware..ask the person. Cut people some slack and let others enjoy what they like. If someone enjoys a photo of themself (aka a selfie) or maybe enjoys a certain be it! Just because you wouldn't do it does not mean it. is. wrong.

Social media stirs so much drama and honestly don't have to get on it or utilize it. If a picture is making you upset or you find yourself getting jealous over something someone has..stop looking! Noone is making you look at pictures or follow someone's life. It's beyond ridiculous that we can't enjoy each other's talents and smile. If it is not interfering with you..don't interfere with it..easy right?

I'm trying to make each day count and lift others up by encouraging as I would like. I'm trying to not be so judgemental...cut people slack...and really give to those who give back (even a text message) and see the importance of that. I'm trying to not let words hurt so much and realize some people just have not grown up quite yet. I long for a day where we can all embrace each other ...what a world that would be.