Light a candle...feed a child.

It's 1 o'clock, and as I write this short post I can't help but feel (and hear) my stomach growling for lunch. Mind you I ate a snack prob an hour ago, but when you have a fast eat when you're hungry ..or else! Imagine if you couldn't or didn't have the opportunity to eat something for days...maybe weeks. Think you could handle it? Odds are, you wouldn't do so well. Now imagine, on top of being starving, you have no family and live in an orphanage or on a street. Sounds almost cruel.

Currently nearly 144 million children across the world are orphaned & every 2 seconds, an orphan dies from malnutrition. to me...that is alarming. When I read those statistics my mouth dropped. Most of these children are in areas of Asia and India ..however it occurs all throughout the world.

I wanted to take part in giving to these children who are so helpless and need love in any way shape or form. Bridgewater Candles does just that.. they are committed to feeding and nurturing children in developing countries everyday. Through their partnership with Rice Bowls, Bridgewater donates a portion of each jar candle sale to different orphanages internationally.

Every candle purchased feeds a child for a day. Seems like such an easy task for us who have so much to be thankful for. I purchased one of these candles and plan on purchasing a few more in due time. It isn't hard giving..especially when we eat so lavishly every. single. day.

15 bucks ..and a child will get the hope of seeing another day. A chance at life.

You can find these candles online at Bridgewater's website or if you live in Charlotte..Blacklion off Park Road has various scents. Hope you will take part and purchase one!

**Also be sure to follow their social media and Instagram for updates!
- Ricebowlsorg