A Little Getaway

     This past weekend, Corey and I got the opportunity to have one final beach vaca with our good friends (another couple) Melissa and Lawton. We used some travel points (courtesy of Corey's parents) and ended up staying at Barefoot Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. It is not located right on the beach, but on an inner coastal area with breathtaking views. Our condo was right on the main golf course and we took full advantage of that! Melissa and I are practically sisters and have journeyed through both joys and hardships side by side..I almost get emotional at the thought of our bond because I have (without a doubt) God placed her in my life for a reason. I am grateful beyond measure!

Back to the trip.. 

     We went to delectable restaurants with fresh seafood, and for me, angry orchard left and right. Barefoot has a bunch of fun places to shop get ice cream and listen to live music so we always had something fun to do. Among every other tourist staying at Myrtle... we did go to Broadway which has become ten times better since I was a kid.

   Despite shark week's scares we went swimming in the ocean and luckily I didn't loose my sunnies like the last trip (or get bitten by a shark..wink wink)! North Carolina beaches are so comforting and always remind me of my childhood. A plethora of unique people walk along the coast and everyone is (for the most part) always so generous and friendly. Sunsets are like no other, with blood-orange hues, and the weather is always on par. It was brief trip, but created more unforgettable memories which I am always thankful for. Here are a few photos...didn't take too many because I honestly needed a photo break for a day or so..know what I mean?..Enjoy!