Graphic Design: Photography Logo

     I have been meaning to create a logo (for side photography work).. and finally it came together! I mostly wanted to do this in order to protect myself and any clients I work with by ensuring my products (graphic design work/photography) are not stolen. I really am no professional, yet, but do think the photos need to start showing a small logo and would hate for someone else to receive credit for my work! 

     I wanted to curate a design that represents me and my lifestyle.. which was the mindset behind the madness. I more or less swoon over florals, DIY, photography and everything vintage with a touch a modern...SO this logo (to me) is a beautiful combination of it all. I also prefer neutral colors and simplicity is somewhat of a necessity, therefore finding a happy medium was a bit tough! I am very pleased with the way it turned out and will probably be using it in all white along with this grey watercolor depending how well it shows up..I am sure I'll be playing around with it a bit more..

     If you need any graphic design work or logo work I can help you! I am also charging little to nothing so this is a steal of a deal. They typically run for $35 on Etsy which always seems pricey in my opinion so consider mine half off! Contact info is on the site!! Stay tuned for more photography work coming soon!