Did You Know?

     Every once in awhile, I like to get really personal and share bits and pieces of my life, my journey and even...well... me. 

     We get so consumed by what other people are doing (or saying) that we forget to reflect on who we (you and I) really are. The exquisite unexplainable aspects that make you individually you. We also get consumed by trying to figure out every person's situation or their scenario or even their personality traits (almost like an investigation). I blame social media for this and the generalized concept of "perfection" that creates the jealous monsters in us all. Are we posting information to stimulate attention, to seek affirmation, to inspire or to simply share. I find that real people always share the truth. They share what life has created for them, what they enjoy, unique finds they stumble across, or how they have been molded whether it is positive or negative. They share not only the hardships/failure but the success and triumphs and all the craziness in-between.

      I never want to be misunderstood as a human who isn't real. I try and seek the good out of everything. I am me. 

SO in lieu of that and what your perception may be of me....let me tell you the raw truth..or maybe a few unknown facts.

1. I am incredibly anxious majority of the time. Ever since loosing a parent (my father) I have always struggled finding stability or simply relaxing. It is a daily battle and I fight it with continuous prayer AND the love of those surrounding me.

2. I am tall and thin. GET OVER IT. Yes I am 5'9 and weigh 132 pounds. My doctor thinks I am healthy as a clam but I have probably been asked by possibly 80 people if I eat enough on the reg. The answer being..Yes I eat a ton..follow my Insta and you can gather that. I bet if I was short and fat there would be a problem too..sometimes you simply can't win on the image spectrum. I also love cooking, but lately have been letting the boyfriend cook away.

3. I hate cats. I really do. I had a cat growing up named Grettle (my sister came up with that one ha!) who would attack me and scratch my friends when they came over. So sorry for all you cat lovers...this girl right here loves DOGS! However a kitten I can handle....maybe.

4. I really do not enjoy going to bars. I am not that girl that feels she needs to go to a bar, dressed like a skank (or not), and drink tons of beer. Some people love it and some really do not. I would much rather sip on my favorite cocktail with great friends at a brunch or other gathering OR even relax with some Riesling at mi casa. Call me crazy I guess.

5. I always crave a bargain. My whole wardrobe probably consists of only a few designer pieces. I just don't see the point in spending a ton of money when I can look the part in half the cost. I will say I choose wisely when making purchases ..opting for versatility and functionality. 

6. I haven't been to a gym in over a year (maybe 2). I exercise outside.... and back when I was nannying....I would jog a solid 3 miles almost every day with those babies. Fresh air is what I need  and I love the sites my city offers making it a bonus! Might I also add gyms can be annoying & smell AND I hate staring at someone else on a treadmill (especially a barbie with a perfect rear, curled pony-tail and not a sweat drop in site). Outdoors all the way for me.

7. I have PCOS. I won't go into detail but it has put such a toll on my life and probably will continue to do so. It can really be a mood shaper (typically negative) so I sometimes have to remind myself to let it go. Easier said than done...go look it up -Polycsystic Ovarian Syndrome- (if you don't know about it) because it can never be cured and some of us deal with it daily AND it sucks..yes sorry mom I used the word sucks..because it is that obnoxious. 

8. I love vintage everything. Take me to a 5 million dollar home, filled with the latest gadgets, and I will be less than amused. White, old wood, rustic fireplaces, chandeliers...these are a few of my favorite things (yes that was me being Mary-Poppins). Something about the charm and feel of an older home creates an inviting atmosphere one may never want to leave.

9. I never mentioned how I lost my dad (most people know) but it was to cancer when I was 14. I was an ambitious gal.. heading to 9th grade.. without the one person who really got me. He was my everything. Loosing a parent is something I pray no child has to suffer. It really forces you to grow up quick and learn the reality of life. I do think it has created a bond between my mother and I that is indescribable. She has taught me lessons (such as strength and selflessness) that I would have never known. For this I give thanks each day.

10. LASTLY..for now..and on a much different note.. I love scary movies with snacks galore. Bring me a blanket, popcorn (maybe throw in some m&ms) and turn on something kinda creepy and I'm sold. I also really enjoy this activity on a rainy day around noon. SO I think we can gather, since I work 24/7, this occasion rarely occurs. Maybe one day..one can wish!

Happy Tuesday!