Humble Reminder

     Yes, these flowers are from the Fall but I never got around to posting them and stumbled across the folder they were in earlier this morning. One of my resolutions (out of many) was to continually strive fr better up the laptop and organizing pictures from 2014. What a year of lessons, learning, growing, laughing, crying, running and smiling...isn't this what life is? Everyday will stimulate new circumstances and emotions and I will stay positive letting not one person ever rob me of my joy. I already have a couple of projects lined up and really just keeping my plans open for wherever God wants me to go. When I say that out loud.. it is incredibly refreshing and a very humble reminder. I have the power to do whatever I want and my life is never restrained unless I make it that way. My life (in a way) is similar to these beautiful fall flowers..carefree, bold, delicate, humble and colorful. Embrace this new year and possibly the new you. Always enjoy the little things..don't just say it.