5 Things-

1. I am currently experiencing a love affair with Fall right now. Everything from the leaves bursting with color to warm apple cobblers and homemade stews.... Fall in one word is scrumptious. It appeals to all my senses and has me wrapped around it's finger. Light jackets, playful scarves and all the booties make it one enjoyable season. I will say I have not had my fix of pumpkin just yet and keep trying to come up with some festive recipes utilizing rich ingredients like nutmeg and curry to give my dishes a little something extra.

2. I am nannying a little angel these days while looking into getting my master's in early childhood education. Kind of a leap from PR but sometimes you just have to follow your heart and mind. I love children and think teaching 2nd graders or doing something with childhood development might be right up my ally. It would take me around 2 years to complete which I am fine with... and right now I am leaning on Arizona State's online programs to get the job done. I am A-OK if I am not married with 5 children by age 30. In fact I think I will pat myself on the back for being a tad selfish these years in my twenties since the rest of my life will be focused on children and a hubby...this gal can wait. Not to mention, I have totally changed in that I am loving the uncertainty of when life's milestones may occur (and maybe the fact that they are still to come and haven't already passed). Hallelujah to finding joy and being content.

3. Does anyone love pom-pom shoes as much as I do?! I have about 4 different pairs i am contemplating to put on my Christmas "wish-list" and hoping I can narrow it down to one. So far these bad boys below are number 1. 


4. I truly recommend traveling to the mountains/Colorado/Asheville/Boone (just to name a few) and experience God's gorgeous creations. We went to Lake Lure this past weekend (see previous post) and had an exceptional time. I don't think people escape the Charlotte scene enough to venture into nature but please people...take advantage of the season! My boyfriend and I have been going now a at least a couple times per year because we love hiking,wine,vineyards,spectacular views,grubbing out, handmade shops..etc. I can't ever seem to get enough!

5. Comparison is a nasty bug that will take you down a very emotional route if you don't stop it. I use to battle this quite a bit and finally have come to terms that there are people out there with way more than me and people out there with way less..that. is. life. Some of us choose to share a ton..some not very much. Some of us choose certain ways to dress and go about our days while others choose other options. If only we could just stop and accept each other for where we are in life. I am learning to never judge and to always welcome those who embrace different lifestyles than my own. I am learning that everyone's social media accounts are not the entire story of their lives and it truly does not matter. We all are in this crazy world together and everyone has their own paths. Time to stop comparing and just loving. It should be kinda simple..right?