Lake Lure/Asheville

     It has been awhile since I have dusted off the blogfor a new post but I have been pretty busy with a new nanny job, figuring out some courses (getting my masters), and trying to take in everything Fall has to offer this season! Recently we went to Lake Lure with friends and stayed at the historic Inn & Spa. It was the best weekend filled with cocktails, laughter that makes you want to pee your pants and tons of exploring/hiking. We even crashed a wedding!

     This time of year the Fall foliage (#ff..haha) is at it's prime and visually mind blowing. There are probably 50 different shades of warm hues in the leaves around you (I loveeeee it!). We spent Saturday hiking up Chimney Rock and boy was it a site to see! This was a very short trip (one night stay) so Sunday we headed to Asheville to make the most of our mountain weekend and hit a few local shops. We also found a little beer garden spot to watch the Panther's game (which the boys loved). All in all it was a fantastic trip and I would go back every weekend if I could. Here are a few..(literally like 10) photos because I really wanted to just take it all in and not worry about a cellular device. Also we barely had service anywhere and it was slightly rainy... so the semi-nice camera stayed in the car for most the trip as well.