A little Leopard..

This past weekend my boyfriend's mom, her friend and I attended the Southern Christmas show. It was more than I expected with visual materpieces left and right. If you haven't gathered by now, I sort of adore decorating for each season.... but like to stick to a theme (so It doesn't look like the season threw up in my abode).  This Christmas show might have just about every theme thinkable...I wish I was joking. SO it took a bit of time finding some decor pieces that would fit my rustic woodsy vibe in my home.

On a side not:  Each year (even though we are not married just yet) my boyfriend and I like to get an ornament to celebrate the past year. It's a small tradition I hope to continue many more years to come and brings back the best memories from the previous year. Well low and behold I found an adequate ornament that will do just the trick this year and Corey seemed to enjoy it as well.

Along with every Christmas ornament/decor piece you can imagine, they also have many trendy boutiques featuring some of their latest pieces/styles. As I was downing one delicious pretzel (and cheese dip alongside of course) I found myself googly eyed at about 4 different clutches/boots/headwraps/dresses..the list goes on. I did score a leopard clutch (versatility should be it's name) and a cute reindeer piko dress for the holidays..it screams girly/preppy/cozy/cute all in one and makes me much happier than seeing another black vest or turtleneck dress (Why did those have to come back??). I will bust on a turtleneck dress when i am 40 perhaps because my boyfriend thinks they are the least attractive clothing item (I slightly agree unless in in the mountains where he finds it acceptable). 

Here is a couple pics of the clutch I purchased and more items will follow as the season progresses! Be sure to shop their website     ----Link is below----