3 Things-

1. It is bad that my whole entire condo (every 900 square ft. of it) is decked out for the Christmas holidays?? Because ALAS it is! Be sure to follow my instagram for little posts on my abode although I will go ahead and say....... I RARELY post much of my home because when you live in a one bedroom condo there is really not much, nope nothing in fact to really post of it. But in summary my man and I share similar taste in all things about the home (kinda strange) so we love doing rustic/woodland themed Christmas decor. AKA lots of plaid, pine cones, green wreaths, holly berry and burlap throughout! My favorite part is getting the tree up and finding the most perfect spots for my most precious ornaments. It brings back memories of my childhood and feels fairly magical. 

2.How yummy is this fruit tart looking right about now? Well I kind of devoured both in a matter of 2 days but whose counting. One of the best parts of this season is the passion for baking and the warmth it brings in a home. Even a tiny fruit tart.

3. Cyber Monday is approaching (this coming Monday the 30th) and with that being said I will be posting a small holiday gift guide (literally just a few items) to inspire your holiday shopping. My love language is gift giving so take my word! Cheers!