A very merry Christmas!

Our (huge) family always does Chrsitmas a little different each year, however many things are remaining the same. With that being said, I am sure each year will always throw a curveball. When you have 4 married couples with a plethora of children and 2 unmarried gals (My sister Amy & I) there will always be some Christmases without some family members due to them visiting their in laws or what not. I do love the fact that Christmas morning I am always with my mom and step dad (and step sis Amy) opening gifts, eating a large hearty breakfast (made by my killer cooking step dad), and tons of laughs! Our huge clan cherishes family time and that will never change. We put God always at the center of our lives and secondly comes family. We also have 2 other different tradtions (your family may not do) which I love. Christmas Eve dinner is spent at an insanely delicious chinese restaurant and Cristmas night we partake in Raclette.This is a great website explaining all about "Raclette"( http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/articles/detail/raclette). Here are a few photos from my time at home however most my time was not taking photos (shockingly) so there are only a few! (My step-dad snagged a bunch of goofy ones with my mom and I).