Valentine Gift Guide

     I know, I has taken me way to long to finally post this! Most of you probably have your significant other/friend/family a little sweet treat for the day of love..but in case you have not.. here are some favorites of mine currently! You can't go wrong with a lace under garments because they make you feel good (not like "oh yay another pair of target panties") Sometimes a little splurge on something delicate & girly is what the day calls for! Those sunglasses are on my wish-list (meaning I probably won't be getting them anytime soon) however.. I have a feeling I will crack sooner than later and buy myself a pair. Who doesn't enjoy relaxing in a beautiful floral kimono!? This piece is my must have (even though I currently have 2 yet to be worn). OH WELL! Lastly, that pearl bracelet is screaming "BUY ME"...I literally think it should be named Amanda. Links to all these beauties are below! Hope you have a very loving day Saturday, and let it continue throughout the rest of the season!