I recently moved to a condo in Fort Mill and simply adore it. Okay let me be real has been a work in progress (aka not move-in-ready) but I am slowly learning little by little that life is not a race and having that perfect home is far from a reality. Nobody has it all and sadly, that is the big lie social media tends to portray. We all post pictures of styled/gorgeous/immaculate/trendy spaces as if that is how our spaces looked regularly. Not to say they don't ...BUT, I have a pretty strong feeling it took time before your gorgeous space became just so. I am sure there were inner debates on a color scheme or to not have a color scheme or to use gold or to use silver or to combine the two in a metallic duo or to go with a white shag rug or to keep it simple with a thin aztec rug or to go "rugless"....BOTTOM LINE...options and choices are endless and your space needs to always define you.

“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”

Billy Baldwin

     When I struggled for a year in college with depression my abode was cluttered with anything and everything I found positive for my eyes & mind. Not realizing that most of that beloved decor simply made my head hurt worse..made my anxiety worse due to cleaning and dusting..and just was not me. It was the depressed me, yearning to find happiness in my surroundings rather than my God. A couple years later I now have come to terms that I enjoy a very simple neutral space with bold pops of color. I really am sick of the overused greys (in just about every home) and love the warm aspect taupe and other neutrals bring to a space (why did we ever forget about those!?). My kitchen, however, is grey so I suppose that will stay for now. Black and whites are big for me and I am spray painting a ton of old antique furniture shades of rustic white. (Is it bad if white might be my favorite color now? Is white even considered a color?). I love big old wood furniture pieces (typically with scratches proving its ancientness) along with delicate touches of decor. Candles have also been MAJOR for me (in the words of Rachel Zoe). I probably have put 20 white candles sporadically throughout my condo because they bring a sense of calm and relaxation. I sometimes light them all for a very cozy atmosphere..wouldn't you!?

     I decided to put together a few items I think you will enjoy (as I am currently). They have been making my space feel more like me and less like a styled photo off of pinterest. My sister and I were talking the other morning and discussing the importance of just being yourself and not choosing color/prints/brands/styles based off what everyone else is doing..kinda boring don't you think? SO here ya go! Enjoy making your space and yourself more ..YOU!